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Women assume a key part in maintaining our way of life and in going down our rich legacy starting with one era then onto the next. It is through these customs that Women sustain the qualities that hold family and society together.

At times of war, when a huge number of men are wiped out at one time, the Women adapt, who regardless of awesome hardship hold the group together. The Women tend the debilitated and injured, deal with the elderly. Accommodate their kids and prepare the cutting edge to assume control. Women make coherence down the eras; they are the very spine of a safe society.

As more Women in India practice their entitlement to vote, their voices are starting to tally and their issues are being listened. Today, Women are found in all strolls of open life – in the managerial administrations, in the police power, as legal advisors, judges and intense lawmakers. Women in the media are unmistakable cases of the change Women can realize in the public eye. Women are found in extensive numbers in the zone of social work. Numerous legislature and no administration associations are going by Women who are welfare of our youngsters to the fate of our surroundings.

Envision what life would be similar to without a grandma's adolescence stories, a mother's magnanimous affection, or a wife's deep rooted fellowship. What might life be similar to without a sister's teasing friendship, or a little girl to give us cherish and embraces? Sustaining and minding, loaded with bliss and affection, overflowing over with all the Womenlike qualities so uncommon to them..what would our families be similar to without Women?

On the off chance that we have been honored with a Woman in our life, we have been given a valuable blessing. It is our basic obligation to adore her, sustain her and admiration her. Also, given her present low status in quite a bit of Indian culture, it is our obligation to offer her some assistance with empowering herself.

It is critical to comprehend what an empowered woman is, so we can eager about freeing our Women, not dreadful of this thought. An empowered woman has fearlessness and high self-regard. She regards herself and welcomes others to treat her with poise and regard. She is equipped for acting naturally adequate, whether she works outside the home or not. She is kind, humane and has an incredible ability to adore. Empowered woman give gigantic backing and quality to men; they don't overpower them.

So spread the word among neighbours, friends and relatives, and spread the word among “influencers” – teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, administration and the media, Awareness of the crisis is the first step. Inequality and sex-selection will only stop when the call against them becomes a national crusade.

Society must do its part to treat women fairly, equally and compassionately. But in the end, women themselves must understand one fundamental fact: the most basic and important things like freedom, equality and empowerment cannot be given by others; they have to be taken. Like spirituality, they have to be worked for, understood and struggled for. It is only after striving for our freedom and empowerment that we will realize how important it is to us and we will work to protect it and hold on to it. If it is just handled to us on a platter, we will not understand its value and it will be easily lost.

Society will help us, but it is up to us women to organize our strengths, individually and collectively: it is up to us to reach out and empower ourselves.


I have been associated with Mr. Ravi Mirchandani for the last 8 years. He has taken our organisation to greater heights and has helped my company streamline our entire approach and made it customer centric.

-Rajesh Bathija

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