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1) Lead Generation or Finding Recruiting Companies: We generate 90% of our Leads through our online marketing efforts. We also do mass mailing telemarketing introducing Career Placements as a Manpower and placement agency providing manpower and candidates in India - Responsibility of Marketing Team.

2) Placement Terms: Send Placement Terms to the client and take the acceptance email. – Responsibility of Ruhi.

3) Job Description: Take detailed Job Description for the placement from the client via email. – Responsibility of Client.

4) Update Job Description: Update the JD in the ERP software. – Responsibility of Admin.

5) Job Allocation: Allocate the Job to the Consultant. – Responsibility of Ruhi.

6) Job Posting: Job Posting is done in the all the Job Portals and social media sites. – Responsibility of Consultant.

7) Shortlist the profile: Shortlist the profile which is received in the Job Portal and parse in The Applicant Tracking Software ERP. – Responsibility of Consultant.

8) Conduct Interview: Conduct first level of Interview with the candidate via phone. – Responsibility of Consultant.

9) Forward to client : Email the suitable profile to the client via ERP Software. – Responsibility of Consultant.

10) Inform the client: Inform the client that you have sent the profile and ask for a suitable date and time for the interview. – Responsibility of Consultant.

11) 2nd round interview: Once received the details, inform the candidate via email about the date and time. – Responsibility of Consultant.

12) Inform the candidate: Call the candidate and take their confirmation for the 2nd round of Interview with the client. – Responsibility of Consultant.

13) Follow up: Take Interview feedback from the candidate and the client. – Responsibility of Consultant.

14) Interview Results: Pass on the Result to the candidate once selected, if rejected take reason from the client. – Responsibility of Consultant.

15) Offer letter: Ask client to email the offer letter to the candidate with cc to consultant. – Responsibility of Client.

16) Joining date: Take confirmation of the candidate and inform the joining date to the client. – Responsibility of Consultant.

17) Invoice Generation: Send the invoice to the client after 1 week of joining the candidate. – Responsibility of Ruhi.

18) Ensure Payment: Ensure that the payment is received within 15-30 days after the invoice is sent. – Responsibility of Ruhi.

19)Transfer the 60% share: Transfer the 60% share of the consultant on the same day. – Responsibility of Ravi.

20) Update The Applicant Tracking Software (ERP): Update all the details in the ERP software and close the case. – Responsibility of Consultant.


I have been associated with Mr. Ravi Mirchandani for the last 8 years. He has taken our organisation to greater heights and has helped my company streamline our entire approach and made it customer centric.

-Rajesh Bathija

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