Job Analysis Can Improve Performance

September 5th, 2013

Job analysis involves a systematic study of each job in the organisation. It aims to find out the content of the job, how the person on the job is performing and also what are the best qualifications needed to perfom the task and the optimum conditions required to get the best out of the person entrusted with the job.

Job analysis is detail scanning of the job to know the duties and responsibilities associated with the job.

Identification of the job enables one to trace different features associated with different jobs and enables fixation of payment

The comprehensive data collected in the analysis becomes the input for movement in the organisation. It enables manpower planning. Recruitment process is simplified on the basis of the work content and suitable candidate scan thereafter be interviewed and recruited.

Job analysis determines the standard level of performance for every job. Training programmes can be formulated to train the employees to imbibe the skills needed to reduce the gap between actual performance and predetermined performance, thereby enabling the organisation to improve productivity and creating a strong platform for employees to grow and to prosper in their jobs.

Performance appraisal can be done when a job analysis is carried out as output in not only the norm to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of employees. Other aspects of the job such as time needed to perform the work, materials saved, excessive use of material deviations from standard track of duties are needed to be judged before rating an employees performance

Job Analysis also helps to reduce internal conflicts between management and employees and enables matching jobs, commensurate authority and responsibility for various jobs so duplication of services and escalating costs can be saved.

Job analysis should be done by expert person having skills to grab all information relating to jobs and also to probe into the employees psychology to know his emotional behaviour The work of job analysis is that of the personnel department. It is often confused with terms like job description, job specification.

Job Description is a written document specifiying duties and responsibilities of a particular jobs.

Job specification is a document specifying personal skills and requirements needed from the employee to make their performance tolerable.

Job Design is the division of total tasks to be carried into identifiable units, departments and divisions.

Job Analysis is a descriptive and lengthy method of gathering relevant facts about the job and its minute details, It is very wide in its coverage. It can be used in day to day operations from systematic planning, improvement and reshuffling of responsibilities duties and provide scope for innovations.

Resume Writing. How to get resume or the cv shortlisted?

June 19th, 2013

Your Resume is your marketing brochure…

  • The first half of your resume must say everything about you.
  • The reader / recruiter does not have time to read pages.
  • You have to get the attention of the reader in less than 5 secs, once he is on your cv.
  • Important headers of your resume
    • Career Objective: It should talk of the future oppotunities and not the past. Should no be generic.
    • Keywords: Important for internet and portal based resumes. Must be rtelevant to your profile.
    • Title: One line about you which explains your profile.
    • Achievements: Must be shown in every tenure and is normally highlighting, facts figures, awards and accomplishments.
    • Wrok Experience: In reverse chronological order; summarised in a tabular form.
    • Personal Data: DOB, Marital Status, Contact Details.
    • Academics: Clearly mentioned from Schooling to Post Graduation.
  • Resume should have a theme and a plan in line with the vacancy. One needs to tweak ones resume for every new application.
  • Your resume should be written by a person who understands the job market, screening process and the industry / job requirement for it to be effective.
  • A professionally written resume will always speak about its profile and help to get that extra bit in the remuneration.
  • Resume writing is a skill and is not a casual excercise of just writing something about you and sending it. It is a serious process and you and your family’s future depends on it.
  • The importance of the stakes of a resume can be calculated by this simple example; Let us calculate the cost incurred on oneself per annum for the following heads (assumption that an individual is ready to begin professional life at the age of 25 yrs.)
    • Medical
    • Food , Shelter , Clothing
    • Entertainment
    • Education
    • Transport
    • Insurance
    • Marraige
  • It is considered to be 2 lacs per annum per person. So at the age of 25 yrs Rs. 50 lacs have been spent on the individual ┬ádo make him her job ready.
  • A product of Rs 50 lacs surely needs some attention / strategy to sell itself in this competitive market.
  • The author is a professiona l Resume Writer. If you like this please call on 9371017445 for an appointment to get your resume evaluated and re-written.