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Placement Consultant in Chennai

1) WHAT IS JOB PLACEMENTS DEFINED AS? Job Placements is a method of allotting a particular occupation to the job aspiring and nominated candidates. Job Placements consultant or manpower service encompasses allocating an explicit task, job role, target, team, designation and responsibility to an aspiring job searching individual. It denotes matching the requirements of a job and company goals ‘vis-à-vis’ the qualifications and aspirations of the candidate.

2) IMPORTANCE OF JOB PLACEMENTS IN RECRUITMENT. It aids in fulfilling the manpower or job vacancies so created within the company much faster. It helps in boosting employees’ inner self-confidence. Since there is a bonding between the recruitment agency and the candidate the process of executive search helps in reducing non-shows at the time of the interview. Since there is an external placements consultant the process of job placements or manpower search helps in reducing the cost of a wrong hire. Job placements consultant enables the candidate to work according to the goals of the company. Job placements or manpower search helps in matching the expectations of what the candidate visualizes, verses what is the actual real life work conditions. If a job placements process is conducted in a proper manner the placements helps to boost the employee’s self-esteem. Once a candidate fine-tunes his expectations from the job and continuous to deliver ‘vis-à-vis’ what was expected out of him by the company, one can safely conclude that the job placements was matching. However, if the candidate has issues in blending himself/herself to the occupation and he/she continues to perform below potentials expected from him/her, one can conclude that the candidate was surely misplaced and discussed with the Recruitment agency. Line managers should review all such cases to find out the causes of failure of existing team associates. In such instants applicants should be re-assigned different roles or should be counseled or trained whenever and wherever required. Else they should be terminated.

3) PROBLEMS OF FACED IN JOB AND CAREER PLACEMENTS. The most common errors while using a job placements consultant or manpower search methodology to recruit is that the hiring manager is inclined towards looking at the individual traits rather than the requirements of the job and the role. It is common sense that no job role is avid of a team or internal and external customers. Whether an employee works independently or as a team member it totally depends on the type of jobs role assigned. In recruitment industry Jobs are generally broken in to three different categories-(1) Individualistic, (2) accumulated and (3) liberal. In certain cases, jobs are independent, for example, postal service or field sales. In Progressive jobs, activities of one employee are dependent on the activities of a fellow employee. Where jobs are assembled in nature, there is high interdependence among events. The final output is the result of contribution of all the employees. Project teams and assembly teams represent assembled jobs. Independent jobs do not pose great difficulties in placements, for each employee needs only to be appraised relative to the match between his or her competences and interests, and those required on the job.

4) THE METHODOLOGY ADOPTED FOR JOB PLACEMENTS AGENCIES. Gather details about the employee. Construct his or her profile which subcategory profile does the individual’s profile best fit? Compare subcategory profile to job family profiles. Which job family profile does subcategory profile best fit? Assign the specific to job family. Assign the candidate to specific job after further advising and valuation.

5) THE SIGNIFICANCE OF JOB PLACEMENTS. The importance of placements consultant lies in the fact that a proper placements of employees reduces employee’s revenue, nonappearance, accidents and dissatisfaction, on the one hand, and improves their morale, on the other. Placements are also important for service agencies, especially executive search firms, a type of employment agency that specializes in recruiting candidate for companies in various industries

6) IMMEDIATE BENEFITS OF JOB PLACEMENTS. Gain a smart, inspired, profitable labour resource with respected abilities, awareness and fresh thoughts while doing recruitment. Assignments which otherwise would not be done due to a lack of capitals, can be moved forward. Offer solution to short term staff shortages. Placements is understood as the distribution of people to jobs. If the number of individuals is large in relation to the existing jobs, only the best experienced person can be selected and placed. Once we establish this unique profile for each candidate, individuals and jobs can be matched optimally within the limitations set by available jobs and available people.


I have been associated with Mr. Ravi Mirchandani for the last 8 years. He has taken our organisation to greater heights and has helped my company streamline our entire approach and made it customer centric.

-Rajesh Bathija

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