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Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay named by the Britishers, was renamed by the Shiv Sena Government. It is a sprawling, thickly inhabited city on the west coast of India. On the harbour of Mumbai shores stands the ever famous Gateway of India made out of sandstone in a arch shape, built by the British Monarchy in the early 1920’s. It is the epicenter of the Indian Film Industry commonly known as Bollywood. With a population of over 2 crores Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra one of the largest states of India. Mumbai along with Navi Mumbai put together stand out to be one of the most populous urban regions in the world and the second most populous metropolitan area in India, with a population of 22 million. Mumbai is also the financial capital city of India, and has the highest GDP in Asia. Mumbai is a dichotomy with the highest number of slums and the highest number of billionaires and millionaires as compared to all the major cities in India.

The University Of Mumbai

It houses many esteemed colleges under its fold from many disciplines. With its age over 156 years it is a hallmark of the education system of India. It has many famous schools and colleges which has produced scores of leaders, sportspersons and many other famous personalities who have added to the name and fame of India. The Mumbai University has also given millions of professionals to the Indian Industry and thus contributing to the financial, social and economic growth of this land of ours we call India.
Vocational, Business, Employment, Career Counseling and Placement centre in Mumbai

The Objective of Career Placements to open Placements offices in the Mumbai City were as under;
  1. We wanted to create full awareness of different competitive examinations among the students and to help them and guide them and prepare them for this first challenge of their lives. Competitive exams are a must today for any kind of post graduation courses such as Management and Engineering streams to begin with. We need to remove the fear of these exams from within the student and help them cope up with the pressures of success and failure.
  2. Post the exams they pupils need to be guided for admissions to colleges as per their interest and budgets. This is followed by the placement in various companies through campus selection programs organized by our company.
  3. Thus we contribute in the overall holistic development and upbringing of the students. We help them choose relevant courses and guide them towards self-employment. We try to encouraging the students from the backward sections of humanity. We also train needy and deserving students too develop their presentation and other soft skills like communication ability both written and spoken and also on-job-training in add-on or vocational courses in which they are seeking their respective careers. Thus we contribute to society and make men out of boys who further go on to inculcate social values and gain the ability to take decisions independently in various situations of life and come out as winners.
  4. The aim is to create a single window service centre of information, guidance and counseling with ease of access to professional placements.

The experienced team of Career Placement in Recruitment / Placements offers Manpower consultancy to the Candidates of Mumbai and other cities all over India with 2 overseas offices in Dubai (UAE) and the USA. The consultancy activities, particularly outside the routine educational environment, have given an impetus to the job search process and the desire to apply to unapproachable company’s through the facilities of Career Placements using its contacts amongst potential hirers in the HR fraternity, from all fields such as IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, FMCG, Banking, NBFC, Software, Civil, Biotechnology and many others. The HR departments from all these companies and research institutes approach the Recruitment/Placements/HR team of Career Placements help them fulfill their Manpower requirements raised by their internal departments. Many engineering firms around Mumbai are aware of the Manpower consultancy services available in the Recruitment/Placements space and approach them for sourcing and searching executives. In the last 21 years, Career Placements a premier and well known Local and Overseas Manpower Consultancy agency based out of 12 cities in India has helped a number of industrial units in connection with their Recruitment/Placements, Manpower and HR products. Career Placements has also placed a lot of candidates on international and overseas mandates.

The role of the Career centres, job centres and Placements Cell is to act as a sourcing partner and employer branding agent and attract the relevant candidates, against the requirement and place them and help them fulfill their career and professional aspirations. Career Placements is also involved in imparting training on soft skills. The Human Resources Department of professional firms are now quite aware of how much they can save on time and hiring cost by outsourcing their manpower requirements to Executive search firms like Career Placements. 70% of the recruitment and placement mandates are being fulfilled by the recruitment/Placements consultancy firms.


I have been associated with Mr. Ravi Mirchandani for the last 8 years. He has taken our organisation to greater heights and has helped my company streamline our entire approach and made it customer centric.

-Rajesh Bathija

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