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Career Care Plus

You can dream about the best occupation or you can get the Dream Job You Want.

What Is Career Care Plus?

Career Care Plus shapes your appearance for your future Employer Manager. Career Care Plus is a specialty of flawless meeting connected with your certainty – increased through a parcel of preparation. It is to win a vocation and to demonstrate that you are Important.

Career Care Plus gives you the following benefits

  • Professional Career Plan: What you are and what you need to be.
  • The Career Portfolio: How to get what you have chosen.
  • Additional Supports: Before and after the Interview meeting.

Alternatively, we arrange a number of mock interviews with us, include a graphical representation in your Career Portfolio document with and finally we negotiate on your salary with the client.

Why Career Care Plus?

  • Your career is an important subject. Which work you are applying is a mystery – not open for open verbal confrontation.
  • You can't talk about your imminent meeting with your supervisor.
  • Your partners might be of some assistance…..yet obviously – would YOU like to converse with them?
  • You require proficient proposals to guarantee that all parts of your training and accomplishments are appropriately underlined to suit your forthcoming occupation.
  • Else, you may examine your specialized aptitudes for a senior administrator work, while the anxiety ought to be on arranging and coordination. Focusing unessential parts of your accomplishments, quite often done accidentally, can cost you the occupation.

It is an intensive wilderness out there. Just the fittest will survive. Occupations and opportunity are countless in today's reality. Several apply for the employment, but only one gets it – others don't.

A large portion of the employments even today are filled on individual legitimacy and execution and NOT on the premise of inclinations and suggestions. You can land a position in the event that you urge your boss about your capacity, imagination, and commitment you can make.

One thing is sure – one and only one individual can land you the position you need. Also, that individual is YOU. What's more, it is YOU we are keen on.

The procedure of landing a position starts with anticipating your best appearance – right from the introductory application. In the event that your application is great, you have required an interview call.

Unusual though it might sound to be: you never give an interview – you generally take one. This tone of the interview is set by YOU – albeit unwittingly.

There are no surprising inquiries in meeting just sudden responses to expected inquiries.


Who needs Career Care Plus?

  • Young experts
  • First time work seekers
  • Junior and senior experts
  • Abroad assignments
  • Under Graduates looking for allowances abroad

At the point when to use Career Care Plus?

In the event that you are on a post for a Job, you should have your Career Portfolio prepared. Clarify us your fantasy employment and Career Care Plus will help you.

Your propose to apply for work as of late publicized. Convey the advertisement to us and your Career Portfolio will be customized to suit the employment necessities. Career Care Plus is an interest in the individual most – Yourself.

How to make the best of your Professional Life?

With more than 80% of persons landing their fantasy position in the main endeavor itself, the idea of Career Care Plus is helping experts hop a couple steps up very quickly. This circular is intended to give you data about how to fabricate a superior, profitable and cheerful Career.

Career Care Plus is an extremely all around explored and logical procedure of building a vocation. The vocation of a Professional is (one of) the most imperative need in life. But then, any examination/direction on it is still unthinkable in our general public. One can't discuss it as transparently as the vocation of their of their kids; neither cognizant endeavors are made for its advancement. For the vast majority of us, the Career is formed by the circumstances around us. A couple of advancements in the organization, some employment changes - (the vast majority of them impromptu choices bases on circumstance accessible) make our Career. Every one of us is separated from everyone else in choosing our vocation moves. A wrong choice can in some cases lose a couple of years and occupation disappointment. The more senior a man is; all the more forlorn he gets to be and clearly less time is left to chance another vocation move.

Career Care Plus is a thoroughly customized administration to handle all parts of your profession. We have scrutinized over practically everything which expert requirements for improving a profession. This is the manner by which it works.

Step 1: Professional Career Plan: (What you are and what you need to be)

  • The initial step is an open dialog about all your work experience. We talk about finally you current/past employments, your accomplishments, your assignments and your development inside/outside the organization. We are prepared to draw out the best opinions in an individual. More often than, you may not know about how great you are.
  • Next is followed by a conversation about what you wish to be in the following couple of years. Taking into account your thoughts and preferences, your industry prospects, your encounters we together touch base at a conceivable and achievable career strategy.
  • As one climbs on the professional bureaucracy, one must concentrate on the always showing signs of change sorts of attitudes and top administration related ranges. Non-inclusion of Career Plan would most likely stop development towards a senior position. Most senior executives don't make it to general administration position since they overlook to deliberately develop these abilities on their way up. We propose you how to perceive these abilities and work towards enhancing them.
  •  A Career Plan does not as a matter, of course, mean a change of occupation. We additionally investigate your present place of employment, your advancement/development prospects, your association and offer even a couple of actions points to politically advance in your present association.
  •  It is troublesome for an expert to investigate himself. There are numerous parts of your career, which require a genuine unbiased view. Our experts will help you knowing the solid/week purposes of your employment and its future prospects, which you likely have neglected.
  • A Career Plan resembles a guide to achievement. It outlines what a man needs to accomplish in his/her expert profession, inside that time period and by what implies. It is made for the fleeting and long haul and incorporates the kind of occupations you should take up, industry to work for and so on.

Next, comes the procedure of getting what you have chosen.

Step 2: The Career Portfolio (How to get what you have chosen)

Career Portfolio is set of Graphical presentation /accomplishments/vocation profile/bio-information and so forth you convey along. Career Portfolio is a laser printed profile on a quality paper to upgrade your best appearance; it is not a simple bio-information on a piece of paper. The Career Portfolio is the most critical piece of Career Care Plus and most novel one. Before going further, let us picture a couple of evident situation. 

  •  We have consistently been advised to "Get prepared" for an Interview call. This is a significant incomprehensible assignment. In what manner would one be able to plan for examining a point unless one thinks about it? One can simply ask a sudden inquiry. The idea is not to get ready for an Interview call but rather to ensure the one is "Permitted" to ask any undesirable inquiry. Incomprehensible! It might seem, by all accounts, to be. Not by any stretch of the imagination; your Career Portfolio guarantees that you are asked just and just what you need to reply.
  •  In what capacity would one be able to clarify 10 years of expert life in an examination of 10 minutes? To top it all, examinations are for the most part 'Get a string' sort discussions. An inquiry leads to another whose answer prompts another one. At last, regardless of the fact that the talk was great, it is not to the best of your benefit. There were hundreds of good things about you which you couldn't tell about.
  • Do you think that is suitable to portray 10 years of your persevering life in a solitary proclamation like 'Team Manager from 2000 to 2010’? On the other hand is anybody inspired by unverifiable regularly rehashed proclamations like 'capacity of persuading/lead a term of individuals' or phenomenal planning and costing aptitudes' etc.
  • Career Portfolio is a response to all these and that's just the beginning. It is an individual portfolio (around 25-50 pages) to secure YOU. It contains some critical assignments done by you. Policies approved, your accomplishments all exhibited as genuine contextual investigations. Behind each page/sentence in the unit, there is a story/situation known not. You can unquestionably talk and inspire individuals with this document. This is your sole sidekick in an Interview meeting.
  • Career Portfolio is a great idea. It is painstakingly made bases on your past reputation and future occupation yearnings. You are sure to win your fantasy work with it. It might even astonish you. Frequently we get notification from our customers "I never thought I am so great as I show up on this document"
  • In this time of Marketing, you should make your best impression with the Career Portfolio. All things considered, what can be more significant to market then yourself?

Step 3: Additional Supports: (Before and after the Interview meeting)

Career Care Plus gives you additional support along with the Career Portfolio.

  •  Salary investigation and arrangement articulations (discretionary): Your current/expected pay and advantages are dissected in point of interest. We talk about the amount more ought to be an expansion, where if you ask for and for what valid reason. Now and again, our customers have possessed the capacity to get a 40% pay hike.
  • "Interview Cracker" booklet: This is an exceptionally individual booklet for you. This has answers for likely standard inquiries like "Why would you like to leave!" – "Let us know about yourself" – "What is the reason for a pay hike" and so on.
  • Outline bio information and covering letters: The covering letter and bio information is your initial introduction to the imminent manager.
  • Particular reaction to an advertisement: We can tailor your responses to the advertisement to make it seem most suitable for the occupation promoted. Bunches of individuals have the employments by changing the attention and connection of the Career Portfolio.

Procedure of making the Career Portfolio

It typically requires one long discourse and one subsequent dialog for the Career Portfolio. The meetings can be arranged as per your convenient time. We have helped a ton of experts in different regions from IT, Non-IT, Finance, Insurance, Banking, and Logistics. The range covers all divisions of industry – producing, telecom, money, PCs and so on. We welcome you to our office to see a couple of genuine examples of overcoming adversity.

Individuals behind Career Care Plus

Career Care Plus is offered by experts with capabilities from IITs with post graduate administration degrees. The experts have far-reaching background in best oversaw Indian Companies like Tech Mahindra and additionally with multinationals like Infosys, IBM, TCS, Cognizant. You manage individuals who are exhaustive experts themselves. There are specialists at a senior level to publicize on particular industry/segment. The guardian organization is occupied with giving progressed automated framework answers for different substantial organizations.


I have been associated with Mr. Ravi Mirchandani for the last 8 years. He has taken our organisation to greater heights and has helped my company streamline our entire approach and made it customer centric.

-Rajesh Bathija

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