• Listening to suggestions and understanding the current score of your CV.
  • Taking the feedback positively and appreciating the importance of a error free resume.
  • Confirming interest in redrafting the resume through email.
  • Signing up for the service by paying professional fees thru NEFT.
  • Professional Fees Resume + Resume Summary @ Rs 6000/=
  • Linkedin Profile + 4 Job Portal Profiles @ 5000/=; Combo price 9500/=
  • HDFC - Current A/c No. 01042000004754; Career Placement; NEFT Code HDFC0001811.
  • Email NEFT details to us and receive confirmation of credit
  • Career Survival Session - CD of Tom Peters over Skype or in person in our office.
  • Carefully answer our questionnaire vis-a-vis your profile.
  • Draft-1 will be sent in 2 days by our team in 2-3 working days.
  • Answer comments in Draft-1 and resend to our resume writers.
  • Draft-2 will be sent in another 2 working days.
  • Answer comments in Draft-2 mail it back to our team.
  • Receive the final copy of your new CV in a couple of working days.
  • Comparison of both the versions (before and after ) of your CV.
  • Fill up the Feedback and form on the service and give us a google review.
  • Maintain constant interaction on the effectiveness of your New CV.
  • Our team will always try to assist you in your job search process without any additional charges.
  • Continuous support in long term application management- (Career Companion) - At Extra Cost
  • Receiving a pdf on e-resumes.
  • Signup for our Career Care newsletter. Connect with us on linkedin. Like our facebook page.


I have been associated with Mr. Ravi Mirchandani for the last 8 years. He has taken our organisation to greater heights and has helped my company streamline our entire approach and made it customer centric.

-Rajesh Bathija

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