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Manpower Search Consultant / Agency, or Executive Search Consultant / Agency, or Placement Consultant / Agency, or Recruitment Consultant / Agency, all mean the same. Basically it is a HR service providing company which helps you to find a job if you are a jobseeker; or a firm which helps you to hire applicants if you’re an employer.

What is the role of Recruitment Consultants?

Career Placements which is a Recruitment Consultant attract applicants to job roles on behalf of their companies and then help these applicants to apply for an interview with companies for the job role. There are 2 main parts to a recruitment consultant's work which includes, "sourcing" applicants & "screening" applicants.

Sourcing applicants includes 1) publicizing, a typical part of the selecting procedure, frequently incorporating numerous media, for example, the Internet, general daily papers, work promotion daily papers, proficient distributions, window ads, work focuses, and grounds graduate enrollment projects; and 2) enlisting research, which is the proactive recognizable proof of applicable ability who may not react to occupation postings and other enrollment promoting techniques done in number 1. This underlying examination for purported detached prospects, additionally called name-era, results in a rundown of prospects who can then be reached to request interest, acquire a resume/CV, and be screened (see beneath).

Screening and selecting applicants for the most part involves some type of evaluation. Reasonableness for a job is regularly evaluated by searching for aptitudes, e.g. correspondence, writing, and PC abilities. Capabilities might be appeared through résumés, work applications, interviews, instructive or proficient experience, the confirmation of references, or in-house testing, for example, for programming information, writing abilities, numeracy, and education, through mental tests or job testing. Other resume screening criteria may incorporate length of administration, occupation titles and time allotment at a job. In a few nations, managers are lawfully commanded to give rise to circumstance in employing. Business administration programming is utilized by numerous enrollment offices to automate the testing procedure. Numerous enrollment specialists and organizations are utilizing a candidate following framework to perform large portions of the separating errands, alongside programming instruments for psychometric testing

What is Recruitment Consultant?

A recruitment consultant like Career Placements is the mediator between associations wishing to select (the customer) and the individual looking for a job move or interim task (the competitor). It is principally a business part, with high rewards for amazing results. Numerous consultancies or offices are industry particular, or are subdivided into industry particular segments so that the specialist is enrolling comparable posts inside various customers.
The role of the Consultant is broadly to:

  • Identify and create customer business connections in a focused domain/industry
  • Contribute to the fascination of applicants and the integrity of the points of interest held on them
  • Assess and react to the necessities of every specific customer or task giving pertinent arrangements
  • Source reasonable applicants, brief them on the open doors offered by the customer and set them up for meeting
  • Manage the procedure through meetings to offer stage and past Offer CV, meeting and general profession counsel

What will make you successful?

You will have an incredible chance to succeed as an enlistment specialist in the event that you can reply "YES" to the accompanying inquiries:
  • Are you ready to market yourself?
  • Can you exhibit first class communication abilities?
  • Do you have: entrepreneurial spirit, eagerness, drive and determination?
  • Are you self-roused and focused? Is it true that you are versatile?
  • Can you change your style of conveyance relying upon your spectators?

Industry particular deals preparing and at work preparing are normally offered to new experts by bosses. Graduate beginning compensations vary from consultancy to consultancy and upon area and normally offer both a fixed basic pay and a profoundly organized month to month or quarterly commission. Since achievement is very compensated in enlistment, specialists' pay rates are amongst the quickest developing accessible to graduates today. It is typically a buckle down, play hard environment with extended periods and a high wear out rate. Enlistment is diligent work and not everybody is suited to the business. One in each three new hires will leave the business inside 12 months since they were not able hit their objectives (and therefore were let go) or on the grounds that they exited because of the high pressure, high stress environment. Administration potential is typically spotted at an early stage, empowering quicker movement than inside numerous other longer settled jobs.

Recruitment agencies: the basics

What is a recruitment agency?

A Recruitment / Manpower agency acts as an in-between an association that is looking to employ someone and an individual who is looking for a job. A Recruitment / Manpower agent’s main task is to source the most suitable applicant for a job opportunity that they have been requested to fill.

How does a recruitment agency work?

Recruitment agencies differ in their methodology but the general flow is as follows:

  • The agency is sent a job description from the association that has a vacant position
  • A set of applicants is drawn up by the association who select applicant from the pool of resume that they hold on their record.
  • The association selects their preferred applicants from the resume selection and asks the organization to arrange and coordinate an interview.

What’s the benefit of using a Recruitment / Manpower agency?

Using a recruitment agency can be a valuable tool in searching for a job. Career Placements often have in-depth knowledge of their client so can offer inside data before an interview. Trustworthy agencies will prepare you for a meeting with the association, offering tips on what to ask and sharing data on the history and culture of the association. They can market your candidature in the entry phase of the interview and even negotiate with regards to salary and date of joining on your behalf if you succeed to the later phases of an interview. Some recruitment agencies have exclusive access to job vacancy that would not generally be found through an online search inquiry.

It is important to use an Recruitment agency like Career Placements as part of your search rather than depend on them exclusively to secure a position.

How can I get my CV / Resume on the Record?

If you are interested in using a recruitment agency as part of your career profession search you are generally required to meet with an individual of the Recruitment agency. Telephone interviews can be conducted if you are overseas or unable to be present however it is usually more beneficial for all parties if you are there in person. When you have met or spoken with somebody to discuss your experience and profession objectives in detail the Recruitment agency will add your Resume to their database and typically reach you once a potentially suitable career opportunity emerges.

How long do I have to wait until I get an interview?

This completely depends on your knowledge, experience and whether it matches the vacancy on the job description and also on how the job market looks overall. Diwali and Christmas / New Year time can often be quiet times for Recruitment / Manpower agencies due to the holidays, whereas there is often an abundance of new positions around August - October and January - March. In order to increase your chances of being selected for an interview it might be an idea to join an agency that is more efficient to your own profile or careers goals: eg. a former student employment agency, a banking employment agency, a Recruitment agency that has offices in India etc. Alternative tip is to call the Recruitment agency every other week / fortnight to express your ongoing readiness and to check to see if any new openings have arisen recently.

Can I sign / tie up with more than one recruitment / manpower agencies?

Yes. There is no law that says you are controlled to signing up with one agency. It is prudent, however, to make sure that you don’t allow your Resume to be submitted to the same company for the same vacancy by more than one agency. Duplications of your Resume can make you look like you’re anxious to get a job rather than performing selective and professional. Always ask your Recruitment / Manpower agency contact person to tell you if he/she puts forward your Resume to any employer and keep a note of the association name and the date your particulars were surrender to.

Can you mention any good recruitment agencies?

There are many different types of jobs and it is worthwhile to choose ones that match your talents and career interests the most. For example, if you are keen in a job in accounts, look for a specialist Finance recruitment agency. Please visit our website which has live database of current jobs. It is fine to try out our Recruitment / Manpower agencies and if you find they are not creating any interviews then it is likely to look at others. If you want your name taken off a record then email or call us on the number which is on the website.

The Career Placements is the professional company for the recruitment industry. You can find more Recruitment / Manpower agency details with regards to latest job in the website

Are there any charges to sign up to a recruitment agency?

Most Recruitment agencies do not charge you to hold your Resume on their database. Usually, the agency will charge a professional fee to the employer should you secure a place in their company i.e. 8.33 % of annual CTC. Some tailored exclusive services may choose to charge you but this Recruitment service will be based on a very different ideal and is more along the lines of a personal recruiter than a common agency. If you are unsure, speak to one of our Career Placements careers consultants.


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