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Employment is a relationship between two entities, generally taking into account an agreement where work is paid for, where one party, which may be an organization for profit, not-for-profit organization, the co-operative or other body is the employer & on the other hand is the employee. The Employees work consequently for payment, which may be in the form of an hourly wage, by piecework or an annual income, depending on the type of work an employee does and/or which part she or he is working in. Employees in a few fields or areas may receive incentives, bonus payments or stock options. In some types of employment, employees may get advantages in addition to payment. Advantages can include health insurance, accommodation, disability insurance or use of a gymnasium. Employment is typically governed by employment laws or regulations and/or legitimate contracts.

Employees and employers

An employee contributes work and mastery to an endeavor of an employer or of an individual conducting a business and is usually appointed to perform particular obligations which are bundled into a job. In a corporate setting, an employee is a person who is appointed to provide services to an organization on a consistent basis in exchange for payment and who does not provide these facilities as part of an independent business.

Employer-Employee relationship

Employer and administrative control within an association rests at many levels and has essential suggestions for staff and productivity alike, with control framing the fundamental connection between anticipated result and genuine procedures. Employers must balance interests such as reducing compensation constraints with a maximization of work profitability in order to accomplish a profitable and gainful employment relationship.

Finding candidates or job

The primary ways for employers to discover employees and for people to find employers are via jobs listings in daily newspapers and classified advertising and online job portals. Employers and candidates also often find each other via specialized recruitment consultants like Career Placements which receive professional fees from the employer to search, screen and select appropriate candidates. A customary methodology is with a "Vacancy" sign in the establishment which is displayed in near the entrance of the organization. Assessing distinctive employees can be quite difficult but setting up different procedures to analyze their talent to quantify their abilities within the field can be best through valuations. Employer and potential employee commonly take the additional step of getting to know each other through the procedure of prospective job interview.

Training and Growth

Training and growth states to the employer's effort to equip a recently appointed employee with essential abilities to perform the job, and to help the employee grow within the association. A suitable level of training and development helps to enhance employee’s job fulfillment.


There are numerous ways that employees are paid, including by hourly pays, by part time, by annual salary, or by tips with the latter often being combined with another form of compensation. In sales jobs, the employee may be rewarded an incentive, a proportion of the value of the sale or services that they have sold. In some areas and professions like executive jobs, employees may be qualified for an extra bonus if they exceed certain targets. Some managers and employees may be paid in shares or stock options, a compensation approach that has the added advantage, from the organization's perspective, of helping to align the interests of the remunerated individual with the execution of the organization.

Employee advantages

Employee advantages are different non-wage remuneration provided to an employee in addition to their earnings. The advantages can include accommodation which can be employer-provided or employer-paid, group insurance which includes Medical and Life, disability income protection, retirement advantages, daycare, tuition compensation, sick leave, a vacation which is paid and non-paid, social security, profit sharing, funding of education, and other particular advantages or benefits. At times, such as with employees employed in remote or isolated regions, the advantages may incorporate lunch or dinner. Employee advantages can enhance the relationship amongst employee and employer. Manpower Search Consultant / Agency, or Executive Search Consultant / Agency, or Placement Consultant / Agency, or Recruitment Consultant / Agency, all mean the same.  Basically, it is an HR service providing company which helps you to find a job if you are a jobseeker; or a firm which helps you to hire applicants if you’re an employer. 


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