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Payroll Services

Career Placements India specializes in providing Payroll Services. The only Payroll Service in Pune with offices pan India and overseas in UAE and USA providing services to Corporates and to Individuals. Our idea is to formulate close relationships with our clients by being accessible when required, as well as being pro-active and offering exceptional service. Our payroll services are tailor made to meet the different needs of your business. Since our beginning, we are working with trades in a wide range of businesses with offices and customers vesting throughout the world and we would take pride in working with you too.

Employees are generally paid on a daily or monthly basis. In India, employers are obligated to pay Professional Tax and TDS for each employee. An employer also must deduct a share of these taxes from the employees’ salary and all of these transactions must be recorded for auditing and tax purposes.

A Payroll Service is a firm that will handle all of these tasks independently so that the business owners gets more time in dealing with important matters. Paid leaves, Causal leaves and Sick leaves can also be tracked. Once Payroll Service account is opened, the employer provides the list of all employees, the days they worked, and any areas. This data is then managed and the funds are transferred from the employer's bank account to employees account. Employees are paid either by ECS or by cheque. Payroll Service team then provides the payroll and tax reports and management reports to the employer. Reports can be quickly accessed, simplifying corporate payroll tasks and eliminating costly errors.

A Payroll Service has various other services as well for example the administration of the company and managing the employer’s tax payments, labor management issues and handling time, managing expenses, assisting with tax compliance, and even pre-screening assistance. The service also routinely handles the necessary paperwork for direct deposit of employees’ salary. Payroll Service Fees for services differ depending on the size of the staff and the types of services opted. Normally, there is a charge per employee, plus a charge per salary transaction.

In today’s aggressively competitive era, companies need to stay ‘watchful and vigilant’, focusing primarily on the core area of their business while outsourcing the vital but resource consuming back office functions. Outsourcing has become a tendency in most of the industries. Nowadays, most of the companies are looking for easy ways to reduce the human resource at the workplaces. It makes sense to use payroll outsourcing.

Advantages of Payroll Processing

Payroll outsourcing is vital and therefore is becoming one of the premium and most well-matched alternates in the hands of the organization to limit the budget of the company. Efficient and error-free payroll outsourcing solutions can do more for you. The company can focus more on the business insights and steer towards unsurpassed human capital management. Outsourcing payroll processing offers amazing benefits to the corporate sector, especially to the SME (Small Medium Enterprises). Payroll processing is a complete service, starting from induction of new employees to FNF (Full and Final) settlement of leaving employees.  Quick payroll processing, including of reimbursement of claims. Compliance to all statutory deductions and laws while processing payroll.

Payroll portal for employees

We offer a comprehensive payroll portal for not only for employers but also to employees that increases employee experience while limiting time and energy. The Payroll service allows employees to

  • To view their individual details, update their personal information on a real time basis and it also acts as a practical medium for employee communication.
  • Can view and download their monthly pay slips, information on tax computation.
  • Can also submit their investment declarations online.

If you are looking for Payroll Services, Human Resource, Recruitment or Manpower consultancy assistant, please contact our experts in Payroll Services on 9371017445 and he will be happy to assist you.


I have been associated with Mr. Ravi Mirchandani for the last 8 years. He has taken our organisation to greater heights and has helped my company streamline our entire approach and made it customer centric.

-Rajesh Bathija

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